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The H - one of the best sites for tech and FOSS info says "bye-bye"


Not much to say. "The H" ( is rolling up its mat:

And so...another great resource bites the dust. :(

Damn, just... damn.  :(


  Nah.  Someone is going to come along and buy it out, get a butt-load of ad support and start making a profit.  You can only hope that it don't get too commercialized or privatized.....

^I don't think that's in the cards....Heinz Heise Publishing, the company behind it, still has its two main German/Dutch language monthly magazines (c't and iX). My understanding is that both are doing very well.

c't was always a very good magazine, lots of in-depth stuff about very differnt subjects in computing. Too bad I cannot get it here in Paraguay...well, I should add: for a reasonable amount of money. And as I don't have a credit card, my options are even more limited: read more expensive.  :(

Damn, I do miss that magazine. 


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