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How to merge clips

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I am new here and a newbie with regards to Clipboard Help+Spell. Just installed it and need to explore further.

Have some questions:
a) Noticed that I need to push the shift key and click on clipboard entry. Maybe it has been asked before: why not in the context menu, i.e. rightclick on an entry.
b) How to replace tabs with a space (e.g. Excel output)
(do I have to use find and replace? what character to find?  I can't find something in trimming and wrapping)



To merge, select the clips in the main window, and then from Edit menu choose "Merge selected clips".

As for having to hold shift to access the "extra" menu related to a clip from the quick-popup menu, i can't remember why i couldn't get right click to work -- i should try again because i agree it's much more sensible to have it show on right click.

To replace tabs with space, use Modification dialog and in Find+Replace use \t for tab.  Note that you can save a modification entry and even assign a hotkey to it, to let you very quickly select some text in any program and apply the transformation.

Thanks a lot! The title of my post is somewhat misleading: it was one of the questions, but whilst typing my post I discovered how to do this, deleted the question from the body but did not change the title.

The rightclick on a clip: yes, nowadays developers store many options under the rmb. It is easier than
using another hand to push an extra button. Anyway, hopefully you can fix it.

Yes, I thought already that it should be 'solved' whilst using find and replace. No option to add it 'trimming and wrapping' (maybe it wud then have to read 'cleaning, trimming and wrapping'..  :)

One other question:
Database/Database backup
Is it possible to relocate the database to another partition/drive?
For privacy reasons I donot wish other people be able to browse thru all my clips, so I prefer to store the database in a password protected container, like TrueCrypt or BestCrypt.
(I only see Backup/Maintenance)


Is it possible to relocate the database to another partition/drive?
--- End quote ---

yes, as long as you don't mind having all program settings in that other location.  Edit the configdir.ini file in the program's directory to tell it where to store settings.

Okay, thanks.
As I running it in portable mode, I believe I cannot assign another drive(?)
It should be a '.' instead of e.g. x:\folder\




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