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Any Screenshot Captor's Contemporary at MAC Platform?


Hello There!

Iam eager to find out an 'Analogous' to Screenshot Captor at MAC OS X Platform? Please help 'Pool-in' the available Options.
Though MAC OS X has an in-built "Grabber" functionality, it some how lacks the bare minimum requirements such Annotation, editing...etc.

I wanna have a 'Freeware' Utility similar to Screenshot Captor's Genius within my MAC OS X{10.6.8}.

Suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.

A friend of mine had his Windows laptop die and ended up left with only his Mac laptop. He's been complaining about missing SSC for a while now, so you're not alone. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd like to pass them on for my friend.

Has either person looked at these? It's a 2009 post but might still have some valid links.

Interesting, the page lists six programs and at the bottom says "I hope I’ve managed to cover most of the tools available for OS X". That said, the comments mention a few more possibilities.

Thank You so much x16wda!

I have been able to shortlist Monosnap that still runs of MAC OSX 10.6.8! It is just the bare minimum in comparison to the 'Legend' Screenshot Captor!
But, will be able to serve the purpose.

An old thread, but I just wanted to update.  I just (2013-11-05) purchased Screenfloat on Two Dollar Tues for $1.99 (it's $6.99 normally) (App Store Link).  It doesn't have all of the features of SSC.  But it does have one feature that is really killer- the ability to float your screenshot over other windows for comparisons, etc.  It's also compares pretty favorably with SSC for doing screenshots.


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