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Is it appropriate to post a prospective page for opinions?

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It looks interesting but I think I'm out of the target market because I went on a big search for note taking apps last year so I know what I like.

Which version did you download and install?  The Settings link would tell us that.

Which version did you download and install?  The Settings link would tell us that.
-note-taker (July 20, 2013, 08:14 PM)
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Knowledge NoteBook Settings
Generation 2 Version 4.50

But for me to take notes, is a big topic that I spent a year on, and I don't want to sink your app. Maybe we can chat in PM's.

This is an old version.

The current one is Generation 2 Version 5.00 (Beta).  But not officially released to public yet.
This version is superior to the old one in terms of ease of use, feel and look, loading speed and functionality.

I guess I disagree with Renegade regarding "nobody cares about features" -- I'd rather see a feature list than a hand-wavey description of how a program is going to solve my problems.
-mouser (July 20, 2013, 01:25 PM)
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Hahaha! :D How can we tell that mouser programs? :D

This is one of those "disconnects" that we programmers have between us and users. You and I see file formats, encoders, encodings, settings and the like, but your regular user sees a document or video or music or a picture. Whether that picture is PNG, JPG or TIFF is largely irrelevant to them. They're more interested in viewing it and sharing it with some friends. They view the same things we view from a very different perspective.

Are features important? Yes. Is listing them important? Absolutely.

But we need to try to frame those features in ways that are more relevant to users who fundamentally don't care about the feature itself, but rather care about what the feature does for them.

Here's a simple example....

Font colour vs. text colour. Are those the same? Absolutely NOT. Those are 2 different things. Well, to us techie types anyways. For your average user, those are the same thing.

Your average mISV has a very hard time wrestling with this issue because we simply have a very different perception of things. The depth of our knowledge and understanding acts as a kind of barrier to communication for us. You see this exact issue come up again and again and again in software marketing forums.


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