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Is it appropriate to post a prospective page for opinions?

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+1 for app there.

For your text, you need to focus on telling people how it will make their life easier. Put yourself in the user's shoes and imagine what you need to do. Nobody cares about "features". They care about solving their problems.

I guess I disagree with Renegade regarding "nobody cares about features" -- I'd rather see a feature list than a hand-wavey description of how a program is going to solve my problems.

But I think in general we are all in agreement that the home page should be clearer about what the program actually DOES.

I think this is one of those products where a quick demo video and some additional videos exploring each key feature in more depth is almost a must. Seeing this in action would be worth 30 pages of static text and screenshots when it comes to getting somebody like myself interested. Because the really unique and differentiating benefit seems (to me) to be the workflow this software provides. I think your landing page needs to get that across quickly. So show it in action. Once you do that I think you'll find many people will be more willing to read more about it.

Just my 2ยข anyway.  :)

I installed it and I don't understand why it wants to call an address of ""

Anyone, is that a security flaw?

@TaoPhoenix, it's a web app that runs locally, hence, one can use it online or offline.


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