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Is it appropriate to post a prospective page for opinions?

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I'm considering to beef up my landing page and have spent quite a bit of effort on a prospective new landing page.  Would it be appropriate to post the URLs for these two pages or even three here for opinions and thoughts?


Absolutely  :up:

Thank you, mouser.

Here we go.
Candidate 1:

Candidate 2:

Current page:

I'd appreciate your thoughts.

My thoughts...

I don't really like the SEO keyword stuffing in the right column of any of these 3 pages. It looks like you are trying to sell your product to search engines, rather than people.

There has to be a way to incorporate the actual phrases in a body of text that makes more sense, has a natural flow to it, doesn't sound overly redundant, and appeals to site visitors, and actually tells them something about the product. Take advantage of what people are looking for, to actually explain your product better, using those keywords and phrases.

That said, I actually like your 2nd candidate better, simply for the left column trying to explain what your product is and does. Expand on that, don't be so vague, and you may see more downloads.

What you have at the top on your features page, with the links that jump to that section of the page, you could do the same on the landing page (a bullet list of the features and brief description), and even use the same links linking to corresponding section on the features page, to read more.

Try replacing the keyword stuffing section with an attractive screenshot of your application. Take advantage of the path to the image, file name, title, and alt text for SEO keywords...and link it to somewhere on your site where visitors can see more screenshots. You can add more keywords to the title on the link, as well as the path to the page it leads to.

Just keep asking yourself, "If I knew nothing about this product before I visited this site, would I download it, based solely on the information on this site and how it is presented?"

Currently, looking at all 3 examples, and knowing nothing about your product, myself, my answer is no. I would not download this. The reason is, you are not telling me enough about it, and it's too obvious that you are telling search engines what you want them to know about it. And unless search engines are going to buy your product, this is what you need to change.

app103, excellent points, thank you, and I'll work on that.


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