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Infix Pdf Editor now at version 6


INfix is not impressive to look at, but it really is very capable and totally easy
-Curt (May 09, 2009, 02:30 PM)
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-INfix: easy, capable, but expensive WordPad-like PDF editor
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a great program that sadly has been neglected because (maybe) it has a poor name, a wrong price tag, and a boring look.-Curt (December 17, 2009, 07:49 PM)
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-Infix PDF Editor now at version 4
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There are many things regarding Infix Pdf Editor that have not changed since I wrote the quoted text. It still has a poor name, a wrong price tag, and a old-fashioned look. But luckily it is also still a great program! - that by now has become even greater.

I really like Infix Pdf Editor, and I am sad it hasn't grown more popular. In fact - no, of course I don't KNOW, I am GUESSING, so it's not "a fact" - Infix may be struggling to even survive! On their old homepage some of the text has not been updated since version 3 was new, so it's quite outdated, and when I click "Check for update" inside my version 4 of the program it will tell about version 5, but not about the new version 6. Such "error" could maybe be caused by the fact that they have a new homepage, a new site, for version 6, and the old homepage does not tell about it. Weird behaviour that could be due to lack of maintenance - again, I DON'T KNOW. It makes me even more nervous to see Bits du Jour also is having a fixed discount (35% off) on Infix! Isn't that something that only happens to programs that are on their way out of Real Life?:

When you open the program for the first time, you will be asked if you want to use Pro, Standard, or Form Filling Mode:

I clicked "Pro", and was pleasantly surprised how fast Infix was ready to be used. My former complaints about slow launching time, has been dealt with; now it opens much faster than version 4 (I have never tested version 5).

What's new in version 6?

• Thumbnail view from which you can delete and re-arrange pages.
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for converting scanned documents into editable PDFs.
• Support for filling-in interactive forms plus saving, loading and printing.
• Redaction in various colours with labels.
• Floating Transform palette for making position, size, scale and rotation changes to selected objects.

• New translations tools for quick translation of specific parts of a document, rather than entire stories or pages.
• Image re-sampling, automated cropping and grey-scale conversion to reduce PDF file size.
• View, Comment & Edit modes to safeguard against accidental modification of documents.
• Importing PNG image with transparency.
• Font, text-size and colour are now retained when pasting text from another application into Infix.

• Find & Replace in bookmarks.
• Support for TrueType Font Collections
• User-define stamp annotations.
• Multiple user defined signatures - define any number of signatures for use when stamping scanned, hand-written signatures onto a documents.
• New Distribute Across & Down helps keep your layouts neat.

• Plus all the other features of Infix Professional:
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I am clinging on to the list of new features, because just looking at the program will not tell about anything new; it still looks like a an old (but updated) version of Microsoft Wordpad - which seriously is what I love about this program! If you back in the days used to work with Wordpad you will instantly know how to use Infix! ♥ It is conservatively looking and modernly working, so to speak:

The open program has 3 interface options for you, easily reached in the bottom left corner:
1)  viewing mode, no editing possible 2) annotate, no text editing 3) full editor.

Infix Pdf Editor version 6 is better than version 4, but I have never tested version 5, so I don't know if the "new features" are signs of life, or if Infix is dying. But measured "alone", I am very pleased with Infix Pdf Editor Pro version 6 - so much that I dare to recommend it if you are eligible to the upgrade price $59. If not, the full price at $159 sounds expensive. At Bits du Jour the price is $103.35, but be aware of the $15 "Extended Download Service" (click bin!)!

I have now tried the editor some more, and so far I think Infix version 6 Professional in some areas is an even better solution to me than my Nitro Pro 8!

Firstly, Infix now launches noticeably faster than Nitro.
Secondly, because of the Wordpad likeness it is even easier (for me) to navigate the Infix interface than the MS Office interface of Nitro, (YMMV if you are used to the new Office ribbon interface). Less confusion!
Thirdly, the most important part to me, the abillity to OCR & edit the text in existing pdf files (sort out typos), is The Best I have ever tried, (but I have not tried a new Adobe editor).
Fourthly, the quality of produced "Print to Pdf" files is just as good as Nitro Pro's virtual printer.

In the coming days I will see if it fully can replace my Nitro Pro or similar "suite" with extra features, ("convert this and that format", etcetera,) because Infix has some but not all such extras - and I am not yet sure what is needed and what is not.

Advanced features: :

Advanced features

Infix also includes some features you might need if you work with print-ready PDFs, convert printed documents, or need to translate documents into other languages:

    OCR lets you create new PDFs from printed pages then easily make corrections where the OCR has mis-interpreted words.
    Industry-standard CMYK colour picker ensures the colours you choose on the screen print accurately on paper too.
    Translation tools allow you to export your PDF as XML, translate with your own translation tools then import and reflow the translated text back into the PDF. Find out more…:
"Features of Infix Professional PDF Editor":

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What it does offer in Pro, Standard, or Free Form Filler:


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