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Screenshot Captor and DCUpdater Problem

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I don’t start dcupdater from any DC program; according to Process Explorer it is started directly from Chameleon Startup Manager.
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if you run it manually from start menu, then what do you see and how does it perform?

This is a real giveaway:
When it finally did appear on my screen with an update a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that there is a new setting for it right on the main screen: it says to only look for updates to Screenshot Captor with a checkbox next to it
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Let me tell you what i think is happening -- at least partially:

The newer versions of screenshot captor (and all my new releases) now have an option to "check for updates at startup".

It sounds like your copy of Screenshot Captor is the one starting on startup -- thats why its got that "screenshot captor" only checkbox (perhaps in ADDITION to the standalone dcupdater check, which might be causing trouble..).

Go into your screenshot captor options and turn off the check for updates on startup option, since you will be using dc updater as a standalone update checker.

Hi mouser.

I don’t start the updater from the start menu; I have Chameleon Startup Manager start it directly from the Program Files folder.

I checked SSC and it did  indeed have Check for Updates at Startup selected, so I deselected it. I opened dcupdater (which had been open but minimized to the notification tray) and it still had the checkbox and SSC selected. So I exited out of dcupdater completely and restarted it. Now it doesn’t have the checkbox option anymore. Whew!

Here's the thing, though: I didn't change my SSC update settings. It has either always been configured to check on startup or that was recently introduced and is auto-selected upon installation.

Either way, dcupdater has never appeared that way, with the "Check only for SSC Updates" right in the front window.

Thanks for the solution!


or that was recently introduced and is auto-selected upon installation.
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it IS a relatively new feature.

Hey mouser...   It's Baaaack!

Dcupdater is once again only checking for updates to SSC. That same checkbox has appeared directing that it check only for SSC updates, so that is exactly what it is doing. Again like last time I can deselect that box all I want but it returns again the next time I enter that window. I don’t even have to exit dcupdater and restart it; if I just switch to the "Available for installation" tab and then back to the "Installed Packages" tab right away the box is checked again.

Last time you suggested that I make sure to deselect the "Check for updates" feature in SSC's Preferences and that seemed to fix it. But that is still not selected yet dcupdater is insistent on checking only for SSC updates.

Has there been another change in SSC recently that might be causing this?

Thanks for any advice!



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