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Can someone make available to me the DC software installers? (read inside)

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My work blocks dc software because they are malicious.  can someone provide the installers somehow on some offsite location (like MEga or something)?  I just got a new computer and I need:
screenshot captor
Find and run robot
unicode image maker SC
launchbar commander

Thanks!  much appreciated.

As a quick hack, try a proxy server. They usually work.

Get the people you work for to buy an official commercial site license for all DC software. Problem solved.  :P

How about on dropbox? Copy and paste link, don't click it.

How about on dropbox? Copy and paste link, don't click it.
-app103 (July 18, 2013, 10:13 AM)
--- End quote ---

I wish they would buy a site license.  Sometimes people walk by and see me doing stuff, and they ask what is it?  I explain it, they think it's cool.  But for some reason, it's met with resistance to purchase such things.


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