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Screenshot Captor Review


No, I didn't bother with the "Mini-review template" as I just want to make one comment based on the attached screen shot.

Screenshot Captor Review

How is anyone supposed to read the preferences?

I use my reading glasses.
But I use them for many a text on my computer and the net.
I tried a magnify program, but after trying them, it's easier to put my glasses on.

I have progressive lenses and the font is perfectly focused and clear.

But it is ridiculously small.

We are not in the 800x600 age any more. My 24" screen is 1920x1080 pixels and the fonts are too small.

I wonder how many times the author has thought about making the fonts configurable, but given up as it's too much work.

^I believe larger fonts in options was requested by someone lately.
Are you using larger font size in your display or is it just standard classic theme?

You posted in the wrong board, but I'm sure the author will see it eventually & comment.

OK, I've reduced the size of the attached image so you may be able to view it all without making use of horizontal or vertical scroll bars.

Now imagine that is a 24" wide screen.

The web page looks normal. The fonts are not too big and not too small. It is a comfortable size.

So now look at the Preferences of ScreenShot Captor. No other utility I have produces such a tiny window.

Screenshot Captor Review


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