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Swapping Out Software?

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^such a charming way to put things. :-&

That's an interesting theory but it has nothing to do with Adobe's decision,...
-Vurbal (July 18, 2013, 08:15 PM)
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Oh wow! For a second I thought I might have actually had something there...thanks for the correction.  ;) :P

Wow... he makes a lot of sense.  Welcome to the board Vurbal!   :Thmbsup:  May your stay be long! :)

The cloud is simply a bad idea. Period. Ahem... Snowden... surveillance... etc.
-Renegade (July 18, 2013, 12:11 PM)
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Agree that how it's implemented is usually bad. But Adobe's cloud is mainly a way to distribute their software and have a subscription based sales model. You only need to connect to the web about every 30-60 days to get an authorization token. The apps themselves get downloaded and run on your local machine. It works pretty much the way Steam does - except it's not quite as obnoxious about the web connection as Steam sometime is.


Don't get me wrong. I'm a shrinkwrap bigot. And I'm nothing near being sold on cloud anything. I just handed a client over to another provider because I think they're making a big mistake (in this particular case) on insisting on going over to a fully cloud-based solution. But it's their call. And much as I hate to lose a client, I'll still refuse to sell somebody a broken solution.

-40hz (July 18, 2013, 12:32 PM)
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Heheeh! I think we share the same bigotry there. :D

But, back to cloud... It's still completely idiotic for users.

If the functionality doesn't require network connectivity, then there should be no network connectivity. An initial license authentication over the network is plenty enough, and even then that isn't ever necessary. I mean that literally - it is NEVER necessary. Necessary that is... "Desirable" is another matter. i.e. You can read from a machine that is not connected and authenticate on a connected machine, but that's a PITA, so an initial authentication over the network is desirable.

Next thing you know, you'll need to have your car, fridge, TV, radio, etc., all connected so that you can be checked on to see that you really own your own stuff.

I've decided that my next machine will be a server. It will run a Virtual Environment (VE) with VMs running inside. No more OS bare on the metal nonsense. I'm just sick of it. (That's also when I plan on shifting to Linux as my primary OS.)

Should clarify - that cloud is a bad idea for users there above - for authentication, etc.

It *can* make sense for *content* storage, though that's still up for debate. If we lived in a sane world and cloud services were run in the best interests of the customers, then I'd be all for it.


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