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HBO Asks Google to Take Down “Infringing” VLC Media Player

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An interesting case for DMCA abuse is the one of a "natural" childbirth blogger by the name of Gina Crosly-Corcoran ( taking on an obstetrician Dr. Amy Reid ( when Reid took issue with some of Corcoran's words.

This is an unusual situation in that Ms. Crosley-Cocoran publically stated she filed numerous DMCA takedowns against the Dr. Reid (and is also using some of the money in a legal fund she set up for herself to file even more) with the primary goal of forcing Dr. Reid's site off the web.

And to compound this very obvious abuse of the DMCA, Ms. Crosley-Cocoran has also publically encouraged her friends to contact Dr. Reid's ISP and start filing their own DMCA claims against her. Eventually Dr. Reid got fed up with the constant groundless legal threats and ongoing DMCA nonsense and filed a lawsuit against Ms. Crosley-Cocoran.

TechDirt did one of their usual superb write-ups on it here. It would be worth reading, even if just for giggles. (Dr. Reid is a firecracker btw - check out her blog!) But it also will be interesting to see how this eventually plays out in court.


Note: I was interested in seeing what each of these two had to say about this on their own sites. Dr. Reid's site (www.skepticalob) has a decent amount posted about all this. Gina Crosley-Cocoran ( is mostly sequestered behind a paywall, so I had to be content with what others have quoted her as saying. However, if the hip-jocular style of The Feminist Breeder's subscription page is anything to go by, I think I have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Addendum: the referenced picture of Cocoran flipping the bird to Reid which apparently started the whole DMCA takedown campaign (when Reid put a copy of it up on her own site) has since been taken down by Cocoran. But on the Internet, nothing is ever truly gone. A google for "Gina Crosley-Corcoran" will dredge it up.

It's a very nice picture IMO. Funny how something this innocuous could be the catalyst that set so many wheels in motion...

There's a lesson in there somewhere. :tellme:


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