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In the WTF department: F*** off as a service

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I now have everything I could ever need in a service.

Meh, v0.0.1s are always fucked. I think I'll wait till it's fuckin' hit at least v0.1.

But the v0.0.1 seems to work ok... Guess I should just :P

Stoic Joker:
I... I... Um... W... I honestly can't decide if that's a very sad statement on the state of our society...or the funniest god damn thing I've ever seen.

I must say however that the prospect of signing up a few people for the F*** Off of the day club has got my giggling rather insanely.

 ;D this is fun

Stoic Joker:
The more I think about this, the more annoyed I am that I didn't think if it. :D ...I wonder could a series of these be done?

BMaaS Bite Me as a Service
DDaaS Drop Dead as a Service
DSaaS DipShit as a Service

...Is this sort of nonsense actually marketable??


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