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I am the creator of a little program built in Rainmeter called Desktop+ that simulates the concept of the Ubuntu or Macintosh menu bar. I recommend users to use DesktopCoral over Rainmeter's built-in option, as Rainmeter's own method of handling work area is very poor. I am here because yesterday I was given news by the Rainmeter team that the feature may be removed from the program entirely.

I would like to propose a business deal between the two of us. My Rainmeter suite is gaining popularity, and I would like to include a version of DesktopCoral with my program along with a donate button for DesktopCoral and a link to your other software. I would like to include a version of DesktopCoral that uses, by default, these settings.

A donate button for your software would be included in the Information tab of the Desktop+ Settings menu, as well as on the tutorial in Tucked Away mode.

Greetings and welcome to the site.

You have my permission to include DesktopCoral with your program.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that when you do so, users will not have a license key installed for it, which means that, while the program will continue to run fine, it will show them a message on startup asking them to visit our site for a free license key.  That's an important part of how we make sure people know we depend on user donations.  As long as you are ok with that (and don't include *your* license key along with the installation), then you certainly have our permission.


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