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C++ program problem

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Hey, i am wanting a program which has a start and stop function and does something along the lines of this:

(program start button pressed)
* launch certain .exe file
* wait until .exe file has loaded (probably just wait 5 seconds)
* press run button on .exe file
* if certain pop up appears, close pop up and close .exe file
* repeat until stop function is clicked

i know it may seem abit vague but this is what i am in need of, im abit too new to c++ to be able to write this kind of program

Hi, heretic06, and welcome to the DonationCoder site.   :Thmbsup:

As for your request, you might be better off trying to use something like AutoHotkey to script/automate your request.

I agree with skwire.  AHK or variants such as AHK_L make detecting new windows easy.  It has functions that can get all handles of windows of a certain class etc.. out of the box.  With C++ you'd have to roll your own functions for the most part.  Anything more complicated than getting an individual handle to a window you'd likely have to code yourself.

well, i have spent some time with AHK but... the program i am trying to open up has a slight annoying pop up... when the program loads and you hit start, it brings up a pop up saying "To make sure you are not a bot, please solve this simple equation: 12 + 27 = ?" obviously the equation always changes, but it is always something plus something equals...., thats thing only thing i am stuck on, everything else is so easy, loading program, clicking start, then the damn pop up =/

any idea's?

If it's a graphic to avoid automated response you're probably stuck. Unless they did a really bad job of it that is. :)


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