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Fixed size window, in center of screen

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I'm not really sure what the exact thing is that he wants to do.
It didn't sound like a crop but maybe it is.

I need to end up with a fixed 1024 x 768 image with a specific part of the image in the exact dead center.
I can always put cross hairs on scotch tape on a specific spot on my screen (even the exact dead center).
--- End quote ---

Fiddling with a resizer may work. And SC has resize functions as well.
Or maybe do something with the thumbnail in SC.

Thank you for all your helpful input. Resizing is something I have done before. I understand from your comments that it will not be hard to capture a fixed area of the screen repeatedly. The tricky part for me will be finding the exact center of that fixed area. I need to reposition every image so that the spot of interest (different on each image) is exactly dead center in the capture.  I probably do not have the patience or skills to use a command line program. I could use the screen coordinates of the corners of the capture screen (determined by using a mouse position reporter), calculate the coordinates of the center of the rectangle and put scotch tape with an X at that point, and then center the pictures on the scotch tape. I have a simple mind and have also thought about cutting out a 4:3 ratio piece of paper, finding the center by folding corner to corner, and then cutting out the center to locate the scotch tape . The easiest thing for me would be if there were a program where the capture rectangle size could be fixed, had crosshairs at the center, and could be dragged to the point of interest for each capture.
Thanks Again,

There are programmes that do the following:
say you have 200 photos of a person, they will 'center' the eyes in the same place in each image. I think they also resize image so face is the same. It's *possible* that you could use one of these programmes for your needs.

but what are they called ... anyone?
I believe (dc member) Perry Mowbray used something like that for one of his recent videos (?)
I gotta head here so hopefully someone else can expand on that :)

morganmd2, can you give an example of what you are getting a shot of?
If you can, we could try to produce the result you want.

Certainly - do you want a screen shot, and if so, how do I attach it?
My email is [email protected]
What I need to keep in the center of the captured window is a vessel in the brain on a CT scan.  On the first images it is near the bottom middle of the image and on subsequent images it wanders over to the lower left corner and then up to the left side.  I would need to drag the CT slice so the vessel is in the exact center of the capture box on each image.  This would involve moving it a few pixels when going from one image to the next.


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