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IDEA: An app to highlight a list of words in an MS Outlook email w/ html format


Hello, I am looking for a way to highlight specific words  such as "keyboard", "mouse", or "monitor" in an Outlook 2010 email with the html format. Outlook has a Find and Replace feature that searches and can highlight one word at a time, but is not practical as it would be just as quick to scan down the page. It may be possible to do this with a macro but the negative side of that, is that a macro can easily stop working when Outlook gets updated to a new version.

The highlighting would make it much easier and faster to determine the items that had been ordered on an invoice. Additional features would be to have the app return the number of times each word appears or perhaps if the word "monitor" was found, it would return say 10 characters to the left of it which would contain the model of the monitor.

The feature would work similar to the search feature on this forum where I searched for the phrase "highlight specific words" and the returned results shows those specific words highlighted as seen in the attached screenshot.


You might want to look at Hilitext.  Be sure to try before you buy, though, as while it says "Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32-bit," it doesn't appear to have been updated since 2005.  Also be aware that when you use the "highlight a text in a file" feature, you have to save your search text as Unicode.

Rjbull, thanks for the suggestion. While Hilitext looked promising, it failed to highlight text in Outlook or in a more basic program like notepad. I am not sure if has anything to do with me running Win7 64-bit. Oh well, thanks again.


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