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Off-brand li-ion camera batteries - personal experiences/recommendations, please

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I recently acquired a new pocket camera.

I'd prefer not to pay the manufacturer's price for spare lithium-ion batteries (or charger, come to that).

I'm aware that there are plenty of very dodgy ones out there. So, can anyone give me some pointers to reliable sources, based on personal experience?

Thanks for your time!

no experience, but I know that at least one manufacturer (panasonic) was 'locking' their camera's so that they would only work with genuine batteries, so maybe this is something else to consider :huh:

My experience with off-brand li-ion batteries: They work well enough to justify buying them.

However, they do rarely work completely as well as the originals, and sometimes the camera won't recognize them until you re-insert a couple times, etc.  and i know for my video camera they require manual button push to begin and don't show proper time remaining on them.

Still, with the price difference, i think they are the smart buy.

As for which brands work well -- I just look for reviews on amazon or newegg and avoid brands without reviews.

Thanks both  :Thmbsup:

Food for thought.

I got batteries on ebay for two different olympus cameras - from 3 different suppliers/manufacturers over the years. My experiences have been good, but I havent gotten anything in a long while - so cannot recommend any supplier. I went sort of intuitively I guess, and avoided the very cheapest offers.

Today I'd probably do as mouser suggests - check the reviews.


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