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Open or launch hyperlinks from a pdf file

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Open or launch hyperlinks from a pdf file

Periodically I receive a pdf with links to web normatives (laws...).
Are normally 20 or less links
I would like a program to open all links in my firefox browser at the same time (one after another....)

How can I do this ?

Best Regards

Note : a code snack ?

Most PDF readers can open hyperlinks by using the browser that you have set on your computer as default. Personally I use both FoxIt Reader and Adobe which do this, so I think it is safe to assume that the PDF reader of your choice will do the same.

No extra software required  :Thmbsup: (or I miss the point of the request).


But I need to open all hyperlinks with a hotkey.....
In different tabs of my browser

I can't
I have tried, but I don't see the way to open multiple url included in the pdf file.

In the Foxit reader (version 2.3) I use I have to click on each link with the mouse. I couldn't find any hot-key or setting for this, but my version of Foxit is old and newer version may have hot-keys configured for this.


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