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DiskSavvy Pro – Disk Space Ananlyzer – 24-Hours Giveaway

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Download DiskSavvy Pro from the following web site:

And use the following unlock key to register the product:


The unlock key is good for an unlimited number of product registrations during 24 hours.

Feedback and suggestions about the product are very welcome.

Thanks for this giveaway  :up:

Stoic Joker:
Thank you!

Did notice one bit of odd behavior when running it on a Hyper-V VM.
OS Windows 7 x64 Pro
User directory is mapped to a Domain DFS root share

Any time I try to add a directory target, when I click the browse button it stops with an error that it "Cannot get user directory". Even though the directory is there, accessible, and I'm the domain admin.

If I paste in the full (mapped drive) path to the user folder I also get the same error. However if I paste in the full UNC (\\Domain\DFS-RooT\Share\Me) path to the domain DFS root, it accessed the folder and completed the analysis just fine.

The weird part isn't so much the error, but the fact that there is no way around it to get to a browse dialog.


Thank you very much for your feedback.

The issue will be fixed in the next product version.


The giveaway has been ended.


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