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Similar program to automation anywhere (integration software)

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"dropping a question, without documentation, at the rate the OP is dropping them"

Well, you couldn't blame me for doing this, could you? And this shows the advantage of "NO explanation questions" vs. "LENGTHY explanation questions". ;-)

The REAL questions here would be:

- what might be the real advantages of AA on free and elaborate solutions like AHK and AI?, and then:
- what might be the advantages of AA on its competitors, like iMacros (rather often on bits, rather bad reviews) or WinTask (no reviews at all, but a very strong contender)?

Any insight here? (Also in the line of "AA does not even do... which AHK/AI (or WT...) does", of course.)

What is an OP ? :-*

That would be "Original Poster"...


nMacroRecord is another freebie.  I downloaded it but haven't installed it yet....

My real thought is in correspondance with the programmer.
For me AHK is enough for a good programmer.
But a good programmer likes to solve problems and like at least three languages or more.
AHK is able for almost any problem except perhaps some abilities like optical recognition, auditive recognition or complex interaction with specialised hardware such as technical sensors or artificial intelligence.
Perhaps exists a lot of software programmer solutions because of commercial interests or simply our human nature and flexibility.
Of course our world is continually changing with new operating systems and the programmers look for common and universal languages. But the Babel Tower is there ....
In all these years in DC i have observed we are far away of solving our real problems and even automation is a dangerous thing in the general context.
But of course all we love automation and everyday trying of creation ideas.
Automation Anywhere seems oriented to people like me (not programmer) but this is not completely true because the real power comes along with the integration software idea and optical recognition.
And perhaps, I don't know really, AHK can make some of these tasks with more or less effort and more satisfaction.



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