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Similar program to automation anywhere (integration software)

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How much programming do you want to do?  I know I've used AutoHotKey for this purpose.  There are a couple of others that I've used (along with AA) for work, but have found that making my own is more productive (C++/C# working better than either of the others to management's chagrin)

But others that I have tried...




Macro Express Pro

Though none of them did what we needed, what was found in the end was that the more you paid, the closer we got- you get what you pay for, really.  That is, unless you're willing to really write what you need.

The order above is no coincidence- they are ordered in descending price and use order above.

Not sure why you're looking at alternatives to AA (if something other than price), but that seems to be an absolute, and AA is at the top of the heap in terms of fully commercial products.

There's also extraction services, where you point them to the data feed that you want to extract data from and they build a custom solution that extracts and then mails the results to you (or you retrieve it from their interface), but those are pretty expensive also.

dropping a question, without documentation, at the rate the OP is dropping them-Ath (July 13, 2013, 09:51 AM)
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members made it possible for OP to make said behaviour a habit.
Is it mistaken politeness? Should we demand more, from now on?

Ath's next post will be number 2000  :up:

But that could take a while as he (according to Prince/TAFKAP/?) should be partying like it is 1999?


complex programmer world's indeed.
my 90% percent needs goes with aHK snack's code section.
but for the rest i need something special. software integration : curious phrase for all the rest. Nice idea because is our dream : take advantage of what we have/know and integrate with the rest.

i'll take a look to deskover and the rest.

a question . Automate seems even more expensive than AA.  What is the best ?

Could it be this rather expensive Automation Anywhere?
-app103 (July 13, 2013, 07:49 AM)
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Yes, we can find that, sure, but dropping a question, without any documentation whatsoever, and at the rate the OP is dropping them, makes me wonder about his google-abilities :(
-Ath (July 13, 2013, 09:51 AM)
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Oohhhh yes. Number 2000 post cominggggg


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