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Screenshot Captor - Why does everything go white?

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Why does everything go white when I take a capture?

I'm assuming you are talking about using Screenshot Captor.
The answer is that you have a security utility that is doing this without informing you of it, in order to "protect" you.

See this thread for how to fix:

Thanks mouser.........everything seems to be fine now.....I restarted my PC and all is back to normal............I think what caused the problem is that I changed the settings with multiple windows open in windows 7 and it caused the white screen malfunction.

I thought everything was OK because after I restart my PC, ScreenCaptor used to works but now it's always showing a white screen when I try and do a capture.....and I checked out that link and could not follow it. I don't have Zone Alarm but I do have Webroot.
How can I fix the white screen. I didn't have white screen problems on my previous computer or on my other computer.....thanks

For Webroot, find "Identity Protection" and change "screenshotcapture.exe" from "protected" to "trusted".


Open SecureAnywhere>select Settings>select Advanced Settings>select Identity Sheld>make sure that the option "Allow trusted screen capture programs access to protected screen contents" is checked.

-from Webroot support


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