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Twinky widthdrawal .... really?? Oh please!! :)

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Twinky widthdrawal ....  really??  Oh please!!   :)  People can't be without twinkies for a few lousy weeks/months?  Geez!! I've been waiting since the mid 90s for Entemann's to resume production of the round Cheese Coffee Cake.  That thing was the most decadent ever!!  Full of cheese with a thin brown crust on top that's covered with icing!!!  I gained 40 LBS in a couple of months after quitting smoking and eating one of those a day.  I can't imagine why they stopped making them unless they lost money on each sale.  No way people wouldn't buy 'em if they were available.

I doubt I could even find a picture of one online now.   :mad:

"What about the Twinkie?"


I gained 40 LBS in a couple of months after quitting smoking and ...
-MilesAhead (July 11, 2013, 12:28 PM)
--- End quote ---

Interesting, isn't it?  I also gained 40lbs in a couple months after quitting smoking.  Wasn't the Entemann's though... possibly Krispy Kreme, back then they made actual tasty real donuts that they prepared in the company store down the road...

BTW, was this what you meant?  (Full blog post here)


  Oh man!  I remember the Entemann's Cheese Cakes!!!  I used to get them on every grocery shopping trip and had it with coffee in the morning and after supper.  Didn't know they stopped making them though, just thought the grocery store stopped carrying them for some reason.  They were excellent.....and very rich.

Do you have any idea how much chocolate fudge cake one had to eat to get 6 of these mugs for "free"? (they are worth about $15.00 each, today)

Chilled, peel the frosting off, eat the cake first and save the frosting for last.  :-*


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