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Best (free?) Sandbox?

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Hi everybody,

I have used the portable Sandboxie now for a number of years and have been thinking to generally Sandbox my surfing and buy the full version (any discounts known?).

Before I do that, I wanted to ask my knowledgeable compatriotes at DC, if there may be another Sandbox which is just as good or better than Sandboxie, and may even be free.

Here is f.e. a list of them:

I use Sandboxie for the following purposes:
Trying out programs
Analyzing programs (where do they write files, how deep do they manipulate my system, exporting their registry entries - so that I can install them manually without bloat if I desire to keep them - I use Sandboxie Diff and/or Total Commander for most of that process).

What are your comments/recommendations?

  ~ Freeware ~

- For surfing 'SecuBrowser' is an option [works with IE and Firefox only]. It is not so strong like SandboxIE, but does the work; I installed it in some friends PC's that had problems with some Ransomware and it handle with them well. I moved their sandboxed folder to a RamDisk with a junction in original folder, between others changes in default instalation.

Trying out programs:
-  Applications that don't need to reboot - 'Toolwiz Time Freeze' is an excellent choice.
-  Applications that need to reboot - 'Toolwiz Time Machine' is a very good way; it is stable and in a non-beta state now. It has also a Time Freeze feature.

Analyzing programs:
- Using 'System Explorer'; their snapshot feature is useful and does the work.

Anyway: If you buy SandboxIE you are doing a very good choice and purchase/acquisition indeed!

My inclination is to always prefer using a full virtual machine software for testing things (VmWare, VirtualBox, VirtualPC, etc.).

Thanks majoMO for your suggestions. Secubrowser seems interesting.

@mouser: I think VMs are invaluable for incompatible programs. For other purposes, I find Sandboxie-like software easier to handle and faster.

Probably not very useful for your purposes, but Qemu and Damn Small Linux makes a brilliant portable sandbox. Really it's more of an underground bunker than a sandbox and it takes portable software to a completely different level.

That's actually what I was looking for. I wanted a reasonably secure way to run a full blown GPG installation from my thumb drive. I haven't had time to get that far yet but there's no question it will work just fine. Good thing too since the tools for Windows GPG are a kludgy mess.

Once I'm done with that I think the next step will be a Qemu Android VM for testing apps. I could even put Google OTP on it since I don't plan to have a mobile phone again until I find a carrier who won't try to bend me over on the price.


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