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Best (free?) Sandbox?

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^^ Thanks for the explanation + info. Very interesting.

^^ Thanks for the explanation + info. Very interesting.
-IainB (March 07, 2014, 05:42 PM)
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Sure thing.  Maybe this will work better on a desktop.  But lately no matter how careful I am about shutting down, it seems to hose my Tray Icon settings and lose the toolbar.  Also now and then I notice a lag, then "unresponsive plugin" in Pale Moon.  It would be nice if it worked effortlessly.  But the added boot times and other side effects make it a distraction.  For now I'm disabling it.

^^ Thanks for that further info.
Your previous comment decided me to wait and see if you came up with anything new. Your latest comment decided me that there was probably not much point in my repeating your experience on my laptop systems, so I shall not trial ToolWiz Time Freeze.

Speak of the devil.  An update was released March 7:

Edit:  I gave it a quick try.  I didn't notice anything different.  It's okay to have for free I suppose if I ever get a crazy impulse to surf in shark infested waters.  :)


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