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Tapatalk Forum Reader


For a while now I have been using Tapatalk Community Reader and am very pleased with being able to read my favorite forums on my Android tablet and smartphone.

One very favorite forum of mine is missing, though. Could you guess which one it is??? :)

It seems Tapatalk can be installed very easily and in a very short time on Simple machines Forums. These are the instructions:

--- ---Installation

    Download the zip package to your computer.
    Login to your forum Admin area
    Go to "Package Manager" and choose "Download Packages"
    Scroll to the bottom "Upload a Package" section
    Upload the zip package
    Choose "Install MOD"
    Choose "Install Now"
    Make sure the "mobiquo" folder AND all files inside has the proper permission (we recommend "755" (chmod -R 755)).
I have purchased the Tapatalk community reader for around $3 at Google Play, but after my purchase, I found it for free at the Amazon App Store. Tapatalk 4 is currently also free at Play, though it may become pay after it comes out of beta.

For me this was money well spent. I can now follow my threads and posts and react quickly to replies. Wish I could do this here too.

The world is changing fast: Let`s embrace the good and discard the bad and we will all grow and evolve! :)


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