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new beta 1.05.15 (update only) available to beta testers

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v1.05.15 is now available for beta testers

this is the new exe ONLY, and is only being made available for those who are helping me try to fix some bugs; if you don't fall into this category then you might as well wait a couple days for a real release.

here are the things im trying to fix with this version:

added info about running main executable with -tray commandline option
fixed a failure to identify some duplicate links
added browse for file+folder buttons from the config add/edit entry dialogs.
removed menus to load and save configuration files (not it always use the main FindAndRunRobot.ini file.
program tries to grab focus back whenever it loses it.
attempt to fix issue with launching SFN versions of apps (ie opera problem).

the most important things are focus grabbing and duplicate bugfix.
i tried to address the sfn issue (see scott's post about opera), but i am worried that in the process i may have re-broken the problem we had where some strange shortcut links weren't launching properly, so i'm keen to hear if i have really fixed the opera launching issue and not broken other things.

look forward to hearing a report.

important suggestion for testers:

create a copy of your find&run robot dir, and copy this new exe over the old.
that way you can run the old version and compare it to new version.

BUT remember to check the tray (or titlebar) to make sure you are really running the version you think you are before you report that a problem still exists.

ie, im saying dont just permanently overwrite old version without keeping a backup, or it may be hard to check back on previous behavior.

1.05.16 is up

fixed bug where it kept re-activating the start-with-windows switch (bug also could cause tiny slowdown on startup)

I have only tested for 10 minutes but i have to get to bed.  Initial trials however yielded positive results.  Focus seemed to stay with FindRun (only one not repeatable glitch).  Also, the duplicates are gone... thank you thank you!  As far as lnk files are concerned, I was able to open most of them.  I only had trouble with CDBurnerXp (but this lnk file only seems to link to the folder not the exe.  No idea how windows knows to run the exe) and an excel lnk file.  The excel lnk is to a particular excel file and is located in the Recent folder.   Dont know if it's worth spending a huge amount of time on these lnk problems.... now to bed.  I will install the new version at work tomorrow and continue testing.  Thanks again,


id be particularly interested to know if the old f&r could launch that excel file.. if so then i need to address it.  if not then i still need to address it :)  but at least ill have a clue as to how to attack it.


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