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DCupdater no longer checking for updates (I think)


I've never paid much attention to dcupdater but have always been happy when it offered me updates :up:
- so I havent changed any of it's settings. I havent seen it in a while but didnt actually realise that till today:

I saw today's update to SC in the forum, so I right-clicked it's tray icon to check for updates. Then I checked the other dc apps - and see there was a CHS update - v2.18.01 - May 18, 2013 which I missed out on.

Is there anything I can check with dcupdater?
Here's my settings:

DCupdater no longer checking for updates (I think)

win7 64bit

edit/ I was also given an update for trout - I didnt notice what my previous version was, but the most recent version was released in February:
v1.0.6 build 67 - 2013-02-02


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