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How chimpanzees helped inspire the Windows start menu

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So, I read the article, and I still don't see what Chimpanzees have to do with the Start Menu.

Chimpanzees had nothing to do with the Start Menu. A guy who used to work with chimpanzees used his knowledge and experience in teaching things simply, one step at a time, to design what became the Start Menu.

Skinner always reminds of this guy, lol.
-lanux128 (August 01, 2015, 08:40 AM)
--- End quote ---

Yeah, when I watched X-Files I thought that was a curious name.  btw I loved the episode where Pusher got the secretary to kick Skinner's ass.  Hilarious.

It does kind of crack me up all the emphasis on a cascading menu.  Some real research that spawned lots of useful and still used innovations:


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