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looking for a Win XP x64 beep.sys


Hi there fellow DCers,

haven't been around in a while, but here goes :)

I'm currently looking (kind of desperately) for a copy of beep.sys from a Win XP x64 system (the x64 is crucial here, 32bit wont do).
I already found it on the net on the classic but rather shady "dll download" portals.
I'd much rather get it from someone that has a higher reputation and trust-level than ;)

So, are there any folks out there still running XP x64 and willing to share a copy of their beep.sys?
Any help is much appreciated :)

I was told the beep.sys from x64 Vista is the same.


  Wouldn't that be somewhere in the Windows installation disk?  Anytime I need to replace a .sys, .dll, etc, I just put my installation disk in and have ZipScan run through all the zipped and CAB files to find what I need and manually extract it.

Got the issue sorted out :)

Got the issue sorted out :)
-gjehle (July 09, 2013, 02:10 AM)
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  Something I said?   ;)


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