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Your thoughts wanted: The right way to honor the passing of a DC forum member

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Tonight I just learned of the passing of longtime DC member Thunder7.  I had been thinking of his huge posts of interesting links that just kind of stopped one day, and wondered what had begotten of him.  I found his Deviantart page ( and discovered a post from one of his friends anouncing that he had passed away a year and a half ago:
~Priori-Incantartem Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just wanted to let everyone on here Know that Paul "Thunder 7" has passed away. I believe he passed on Dec. 25 2011. I hadn't been on here in so long I didn't realize no one knew.
--- End quote ---
 There was also a link to his obituary here: but it seemed to say so little about the man who was (as we all are in our own way) a unique and interesting individual.

After speaking with Mouser on IRC about it, the question came up about how to best honor our fallen comrade, the best way to approach the subject on the forum, and whether it might be a good idea to make a special place to announce such things in the future.  
Your thoughts and opinions on this matter are hereby humbly requested.

Rest In Peace, Thunder7.


I exchanged many emails with Thunder7 (Paul Pannell), from the time he joined the site in 2005 to a few weeks before his passing.  Usually brief exchanges where he sent me an interesting link he had found or just the kind of casual hellos that you exchange with acquaintances.  I didn't know him well, but well enough to see he was one of those kind, unusual souls, who was suffering from ailments that would test the strongest of men, and yet still managed to find good in this world.

It's impossible not to be sad at the passing of a kind soul, but now at least his suffering is over.  May he rest in peace.  He will be remembered here.

A memorial section in the forum would not be out of line.

"The Sacred Art of Living and the Sacred Art of Dying are one and the same."
-Healing the Healers
-The AnamCara Project

Stoic Joker:
Only thing I've ever seen done is along the lines of what OP has already accomplished. I'm not really sure a dedicated Obit section is really needed. It's too much the constant reminder, and a bit dark (as in tends to dampen mood).

Also begs the question as to what associative range qualifies for inclusion. If extended to board member families...I can think of a few posts I rather not be reminded of on a daily basis.

yeah, i have to agree Stoic


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