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Open screenshot in the editor


 I've been a member here for about 4 femtoseconds, and have used Screenshot Captor about 4 times since I installed it today.
My very first impression is good (I'm looking for something with the editing power and ease-of-use of PicPick), but I'm very surprised that the option to open my screenshot directly in the application's editor is so cunningly hidden.

 After carefully perusing the 'Preferences' with no luck (I would have thought that 'Interface Options > 'After Capture Show', or 'Post-Capture Options' would have been the logical places to put 'Internal Editor'), I continued my quest.

 After some time I found the 'After next capture:' drop-down menu and thought I'd try the 'Show main window form' option...  Eureka!  :-)  That opened the editor despite the description not being very intuitive.

 Anyway, I thought I'd share that as I'm sure there are many new users who also would like to open their screenshots directly into the editor but find locating the correct menu item quite difficult.
 Here's to Screenshot Captor and I hope I find it to my liking after a few weeks of use.



Welcome to the site, wreckage, and thank you for taking the time to post  :up:

Screenshot Captor (much like the rest of our site) can take some getting used to, and i'm quite sure the issue you have raised is one that has confused others.

Hopefully though, after a few uses it will start to make sense.. I guess the best way to think of it is that SC has lots of options to try to make it possible to use in different ways -- some people like to be able to take lots of screenshots with minimal interaction, and only later come back and edit them -- while others like to work on one screenshot at a time.

Maybe a good place to start is by watching the videos on this page:

Start with the first video, the whirlwind tour.

I guess the other thing to realize about SC is that it always makes all of your screenshots available in the thumbnail panel and you can always view/edit/upload/send screenshots easily by just selecting them from the main window -- you don't ever really have to "DO" anything to get a screenshot loaded into the editor, other than select the screenshot from the main window.

It's just a matter of, as you say, deciding which "After capture do.." option you like best..

 Thank-you very much for the replies, mouser.
 I'll use the program as my default screen-shot application and see how I go. 
Thanks again.


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