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Cut and paste list of files ?

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I have a list of files ("!Not_Searchable.txt") created using the great freeware PDFTextChecker (

Here is an example of what is inside the text file (it may contains accents or non-ASCII characters) :
F:\1_B\2003\01 2003\important\publication 01 2003\Béec2002.pdf
F:\1_B\2003\01 2003\important\publication 01 2003\Béec2001.pdf
F:\1_B\2003\01 2003\important\publication 01 2003\Béec2000.pdf
(note: there are thousands of rows)

I would like to cut and paste those files into another folder.
I have tried the freeware Puresync ( but it is too buggy alas (not transferring every files...). ;(

Any other idea ?
Thanks in advance ;)

Quick reply but not complete answer:

You can paste a list of files like that into my Drag+Drop Robot:

Once you do that though, you'll have to have it invoke a commandline file mover/copier to actually DO something with those files.


- Use SED or any other text editor

-add in front of all lines


-add at end of all lines

"       "X:\new\path"

That should get you
MOVE "F:\1_B\2003\01 2003\important\publication 01 2003\Béec2002.pdf"      "X:\new\path"
MOVE "F:\1_B\2003\01 2003\important\publication 01 2003\Béec2001.pdf"      "X:\new\path"
MOVE "F:\1_B\2003\01 2003\important\publication 01 2003\Béec2000.pdf"      "X:\new\path"

- save with .CMD extension and execute

You may want to try with one or two files only and maybe with COPY instead of MOVE first.
Open a command line window and type 'move /?' to read more.


  I use a program called Piky Basket that adds itself to the RMC menu on Windows Explorer and other file management programs.  You highlight what you want to copy or move and select "Drop in Basket".  The RMC on another folder and select either Copy All or Move All.  I use it anytime I'm copying/moving files, especially when I'm copying and moving the files to two different drives.  When you select the copy option, it copies the files but leaves them in the basket until you either move the files or empty the basket.  You also have the option to select only certain files to be copied/moved.

From the command line:

for /f "tokens=* usebackq" %I in (`type "!Not_Searchable.txt"`) do move "%~I" newdrive:\newpath
--- End quote ---


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