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Cut and paste list of files ?

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Dear all,

Thanks for your answers. ;) After several tried I still blocked ! ;(

I can add my list of files but I don't know which command line to use.

It is working but not for all files : non-ascii characters.
"0" files are copied in my command line. see image :

Thanks in advance ;)

"0" files are copied in my command line.-jity2 (July 06, 2013, 04:58 AM)
--- End quote ---

Interesting, seemed to work here on a test.

That's not a backquote (`) you used in the command, that's an apostrophe.

backquote is above the TAB key.

Although, you'll most likely end up with the same result as Abterix' method since they're both DOS based.

If your text file contains Unicode characters you can try the following at a command line:

--- Code: Text ---chcp 65001for /f "tokens=* usebackq" %I in (`type "!Not_Searchable.txt"`) do move "%~I" newdrive:\newpath
It changes the code page to UTF-8 for that CLI session. Here's a list in case you need something other than UTF-8.

Seems like a good candidate for a simple AHK drop target.  Have the shortcut of an ahk program on the desktop.  Drag the file list and drop it on the icon.  Click the "open with" that Explorer gives you.  Then what remains is selecting the target folder.  The AHK program could use a BrowseForFolder dialog etc..

If you do this operation quite a bit you may want to request a Coding Snack.  That is, if you think the drag & drop method would be convenient.


Many thanks "4wd" ! ;))

This is very good ! ;))

I have another request if it is  possible :
Sometimes I have I have one file in a folder that has the same name (but not the same content) than another one into a subfolder. Then the command line asks me to choose : would I like to overwrite such file or not.
The problem being that it can erase a good pdf file.
It would be great if it could keep the same folder and sufolders structure than the source. Like that I would be sure that there won't be any overwriting. ;)

Or if that is not possible, always rename automatically the new filename by appending some numbers at the end for instance.

[The following is just for fun as I think I have a solution :
- I did a test with one accent inserted in the filename of a valid pdf file :

--- Code: Text ---chcp 65001for /f "tokens=* usebackq" %I in (`type "C:\prog\PDFTextChecker\1.txt"`) do copy "%~I" G:\transfer(By the way I have used this tip for copying the above code on the command line : )

note: If I remove the accent "é", the file can be copied. ;)

I have tested with :
- UTF-16 => error I when I type chcp 1200 ("coding page not valid")
- UTF-8
- chcp 1147 (France)
- chcp 20297 (France)

Alas each time the file was not copied. ;(

My solution is to use a renamer : the great freeware "Bulk Rename utility" and remove "accent" and "Symbols". ;)

--- End quote ---

Thanks in advance ;)
See ya
ps: Thanks for the idea "MilesAhead", I'll prefer "4wd"'s way for now. ;)

Duplicates paths.

CopyFileList.cmd <dest path> <file list>


CopyFileList.cmd G:\transfer C:\prog\PDFTextChecker\1.txt

Put quotes around arguments with spaces.

See below

Activating Quick Edit is one of the first things I do on a new system.


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