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MS Windows Internet Explorer 8 Problems

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I normally use comp 1, with IE8 and MS updates latest version; unfortunately, this IE8 doesn't work properly (anymore) with many websites (I've got XP so IE9 won't install). So, in order to get beyond such probs, I also installed FF, using it just for such problematic sites.

Now I "lost" my AC adaptor for my comp 1 (will have to do 160 km to retrieve it, in some weeks), and so I unpacked pc 2 which in fact I hadn't used for months (or was it years?), and without having done the "necessary" MS update installs.

Now, a revelation: Many of the websites that don't show up properly in IE8 on my up-to-date comp 1, don't cause any problems here, with IE8 a little bit older... or is it just different settings here?, and certainly with XP3 in a version many months older than on comp 1.

To give a precise example: On the website, it's the users' comments that are really interesting (as it's in lotsa other press offerings:,,,, and many more). Now, in order to read those comments, I had to revert to FF, on my comp 1, "in spite of" doing any possible MS update (when in fact, it's probable those updates CAUSED those problems!)... and here, on comp 2, I CAN read the comments (which would not open in comp 1 anymore, for many, many months now) again! I don't have to say this is an incredible relief for me, it's so more pleasant to just use just ONE browser, and I'm fine with IE8 when it works!

Hence my big question: How to assure that in pc 1 (when it will work again) I can read the "Disqus-powered" user comments of again, like in old times?

Should I check for some special settings? And yes, I've got very old backups, but they would destroy ALL new things in my pc 1 system, so going back a year or two isn't a viable solution.

(In the normal curse of things, you'd assume that you could resolve problems with updates; in MS' case, it seems to be the other way round - how to get an early version of IE8, then, for downloading, after having de-installed the current version - if that ever is possible? Or, to put that question in another way: On pc 2, I obviously have got a working, old (but installed, not fresh) version of IE8 - how to retrieve that, in order to install it over my new crap version on pc 1? (All those are English versions, which I prefer.))

Carol Haynes:
If it isn't a daft question why use IE8 when it is causing so much grief?

... this IE8 doesn't work properly (anymore) with many websites (I've got XP so IE9 won't install).-evamaria (July 01, 2013, 04:07 PM)
--- End quote ---

Yes. But I only change things when really necessary, and whenever I do so without that, it's 1 or 2 years later at the latest I put all my stuff back into my ancient things. I know this is not really the way I should do it.

Btw, on this comp 2 (with the about 1-year-old Win XP (and IE8) version(s)), installation of Adobe Reader XI... and then even X (!!!) FAILED!!! So I installed Foxit Reader 6, with traditional toolbar though. Now, this is much more pleasant than my Adobe Reader X experience had been, on comp 1: visually very light, fast, tabs (!!!)... only drawback: The "hide the (really ugly!!!) toolbar" setting isn't persistent, so that ugly toolbar reappears with every new pdf I get from the web.

As for FF, whenever I have switched to it, I quickly get back to IE8: There's too much "middle grey" in the FF layout (I know there are other color schemes, but don't know how to try them), and especially, I like in IE that the address line is ABOVE the menu, when in FF it's beneath the menu! I'm aware these remarks might appear ridiculously minor, but it's why I always switch back to IE as fast as possible... And btw, do you think the iCult would have grown the way it has if looks and ergonomics didn't count at all?

Thus, any ideas how to transfer my running, 12- or 14-months old IE8 version from pc 2, to pc 1, in order to install it there, too? Or what are the possible settings (out of all those 300 IE settings there) that I should check first, in order to try to amend those probs there? Unfortunately, I think it's NOT a settings prob, though, since a year or so back, I think I remember having read IE had NEW problems with some web sites now... but of course I had thought  they were working on them (ha, ha!), so I was eager to install all possible updates. So now, a year later, and in view of the perfect running of my "old" IE version, it seems to be the best tactic to "go back a year", IE8-wise, but how? (And it might be the old IE8 version, AND something in the old Win XP version, too)

So, my question in a more general way: How to DOWNGRADE that MS crap, instead of monthly updates?

You could use Avant instead, it's light weight and fast.
And I would choose Avant over Firefox if I was wanting to stay in an IE frame of mind.

I use Avant for my work email and work related tasks.


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