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MS Windows Internet Explorer 8 Problems

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4wd: I don't think it's cookies settings, since without cookies, almost nothing would work, so I allow them (but have them automatically deleted afterwards).

Of course, I don't have comp 1 running, so I should perhaps asked my questions when I had got hand on it in running state again, but I've been too eager to find an alternative RIGHT NOW! ;-)

cmpm, Avant Browser is not something really brilliant, but it works. I thank you for this idea; I installed it, and for some weeks, I'lll go by it!

F5 is refresh, F6 is address bar focus, F8/F8 is prev/next tab, Alt-s is searchbar focus, control-d is add to favs, control-n is open in new tab (they call tabs "windows" (well, to be precise, it IS a - tabbed - window, after all...), but very fortunately don't mean independant windows by this, which would have been unacceptable) - so I don't need a menu.

But I don't know yet if my AHK macros will work: content of the address line must be identifiable (meaning, not by loading it into the clipboard, but as such), and there is no real caption, but tabs instead, right at the top - it's for that design detail that I never stayed with google browser or its derivatives...

But IE and MS have become unacceptable for any pc user with a minimum of respect for himself or herself, that's for sure, so...

Will share my experience with Avant when I will have tried to transpose my IE macros.

Btw, for IE, on current pc 2, the version is "8.0.6001.18702 IS" (by "Help-About"), so I tried to find a download version "8.0.6001", but it seems the respective links have all been updated to download the latest "8" version from them, which is a common prob with all these download links of freeware or shareware.

And btw, again IE, it seems this old 8.0.6001 version hasn't got the probs with Disqus I opened this thread for, but has got many other probs, especially with ridiculously bad memory management. Of course, it's a different pc, but with the same processor and with the same 2 gb of memory (and plenty of virtual memory in both cases), so I suppose the old IE version is the culprit, not my pc or pc settings.

That's why I will now try and really find an alternative to my IE crap - I'm ready for a change, finally.

Some months ago, I had briefly tried the Apple browser, but found it hadn't the necessary keyboard shortcuts then. Will trial the whole bunch again.

Btw, Avant has got 10th place out of 10 tested browsers in the test, but then, from their testing of software I'm more intimate with, I can tell that their criteria, and their test results, are often rather weird...

At the end of the day, AHK's able to identify a window even without a traditional caption, so... but am I the only one to prefer captions just for visual tradition? Anyway, having all these tabs right at the top... it's a real prob for me!

And then, (almost) all other software does NOT do that, so it cannot be considered "new standard" or such, it was just a design idea by google, then shared by some and abhorred by many...

Be this as it might be... in any case:

Carol, you're right, IE (whatever version) isn't worth my attention, efforts or loyalty anymore.

Some update here: Safari for Windows seems to be "dead": I had tried v. 5; v. 6 does not seem to be transposed into any Win version. So that is out.

XP here, too, with a fully updated XP & IE8. I can see disqus comments just fine on

Have you tried clicking this to see if it makes a difference for you?

Try the page "Download Internet Explorer 8":



Carol Haynes:
Go to Internet Options and try resetting IE to 'factory default settings' (Use the reset button of the final tab). That also disables all the crap that accumulates in the background with IE.

Also try flushing your DNS cache (CMD prompt and type IPCONFIG /FlushDNS ) - you will need to disconnect and reconnect again from the network after that (pull the wire or switch off WiFi for a minute - alternatively restart your computer).


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