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command to open options with myaliases.alias?


Any alias shown in the FARR results list has a right click context menu action called "visit the source alias" which opens the options window with the right alias group file selected in the tree view. Is there a special search phrase for the same action i.e. opening help with myaliases.alias focused? The special search phrases in the help file doesn't list such a command. But I was thinking there was one anyway given that the context menu actionb can make that jump.

hmm.. no there is no command to do that currently.

I took the scripting route. In the unlikely case that someone else wants this:
Save this autohotkey script somewhere as farr_options.ahk

--- ---winwait, ahk_class TOptionsForm
winactivate, ahk_class TOptionsForm
ControlFocus, TTreeView1, ahk_class TOptionsForm
send AL
ControlFocus, TListView1, ahk_class TOptionsForm
send {down}
exitappThen create a FARR alias to launch options with something like this in the results field:

--- ---FARR options | dolaunch C:\farr_options.ahk ;;; dosearch gooptions
This saves me one second now and then. Some time after 2018 I will have earned back the seconds spent in figuring out the script (reference: ) :D


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