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Knight to queen's bishop 3 - Snowden charged with espionage.

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More ripples:
Fearing Government Surveillance, US Journalists Are Self-Censoring
Posted by Soulskill on Wednesday December 04, 2013 @02:42PM
from the except-the-ones-you-wish-would-self-censor dept.

binarstu writes "Suzanne Nossel, writing for CNN, reports that 'a survey of American writers done in October revealed that nearly one in four has self-censored for fear of government surveillance. They fessed up to curbing their research, not accepting certain assignments, even not discussing certain topics on the phone or via e-mail for fear of being targeted. The subjects they are avoiding are no surprise — mostly matters to do with the Middle East, the military and terrorism.' Yet ordinary Americans, for the most part, seem not to care: 'Surveillance so intrusive it is putting certain subjects out of bounds would seem like cause for alarm in a country that prides itself as the world's most free. Americans have long protested the persecution and constraints on journalists and writers living under repressive regimes abroad, yet many seem ready to accept these new encroachments on their freedom at home.'"

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HI there :) :)


This is funny:
"Eight firms, Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Yahoo, have formed an alliance called Reform Government Surveillance group."

Okay. We all have peeves against several of these companies.

But *combined* I think that's close to the A-List of tech!

I don't even know how to describe them all working together!
"Okay, Microsoft and Apple, you guys put your OS wars on hold for a bit. Twitter and Facebook, you two can put away the Wall vs Tweet discussion for a few minutes. LinkedIn, take a break from making Connections. Sure AOL, you can play too. Nice mail redesign Yahoo. Okay, let's get to business!"


I don't even know how to describe them all working together!
-TaoPhoenix (December 09, 2013, 11:52 AM)
--- End quote ---

I do! It's called: spin management & damage control.

Also known as "The Fog Machine."  8)

Those are the equivalent of the fires of Mount Doom used to forge the One Ring, with the US being Barad-dûr.

Of course, Obama himself is only Saruman the White.  That leaves the identity of Sauron himself to the reader.


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