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DONE: Program to Start another program, and then shut down after xx:xx time.

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You run it with a parameter correct?  That might be why it's not killing it. Let me look at it again and I'll get back to you. I love a challenge. 

Correct.  Parameter is "Server"

exe="C:\Program Files\AceReader Pro\ace.exe" Server

Thank goodness for those rare folks that love a challenge.

Challenges seem to be everywhere.

In Windows Task Manager... there is no parameter shown after the program name.

Just "ace.exe"

True, but I set my app to look at the whole string (yeah I should have thought about that) and use it to kill the task. So it is not killing right b/c of the parameter. I should be able to fix it easily. I'll get to it tomorrow and should have an update by the evening.

Give it a try again. I added a parameter option to the ini file. See the included ini file for example.

Fingers crossed that this one works for you! :-)  :Thmbsup:


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