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DONE: Program to Start another program, and then shut down after xx:xx time.

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Here is a quick command-line app I made (can also use an ini file. See ReadMe.txt). If it works for you I'll make an official app.

How to use: RunAndKill.exe "<Full path to exe>" <Killtime>

Killtime must be in HH:MM:SS format.

See the ReadMe.txt file for more info.

Well, there is also my Lacuna Launcher, which can run a list of apps, and pause between items in the list. If you were to set it up to run the desired app, with the pause time between app launches to be how long you want the app open before being closed, then ran an app like Movie-ize as the next app to launch in the list, and set that to kill the previous app. It could serve the desired purpose. You'd have to create a separate Lacuna Launcher list for each app, though.

c.gingerich, RunAndKill works like a charm.  Does exactly what I asked for.  Thank you!

What more did you want to do with it??

I also want to thank the others for their suggestions.  Really helpful folks here.

I wanted to add a check to see if the program that is going to be run, is running already running and was going to add a task icon in the tray so it can be killed early if needed. I think that is it for now unless I think of something else. I'll add these items as soon as I can and make a post for it on my site as well as in the "Announce Your Software/Service/Product" section here on DC.

I'm glad you like it and it works well for you.  :Thmbsup:

Here is the page as well as an update. I added the items from previous post.


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