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[Help] Set Runsaver to kill a process


I'm trying to set RunSaver to, after being idle for some time, end all instances of Mozilla Firefox.
I have a batch file that does the following: tskill Firefox
When run by itself it successfully closes all instances of Firefox. But I am unsure as to how to link RunSaver to this program using the format given:

command="What do i put here"

If anyone could help me out with this, thanks!

EDIT: I got this part working, but a new problem appeared.

Also, when I move it into my System32 Folder and try to Install, Configure, or Test, I get a corrupted .EXE error.
Anyone know what might be causing it?
Because when I Install from outside the folder, even though I change the settings, it still opens up winver.exe instead of what I set it to despite having the Test successfully open the program I want and not winver.exe


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