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DrivePop lifetime today


DrivePop Online Backup via Bits du Jour:

I have no knowledge about the companies BurnWorld and DrivePop,  
I am merely informing about the Bits du Jour offer.

At $59.99, you're getting a whopping 84% off of a 5-year license, but BurnWorld is extending this to a LIFETIME LICENSE exclusively for BitsDuJour customers purchasing today! This option isn't even available on the DrivePop website!
-DrivePop Online Backup
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The best backup plans involve copying your stuff offsite, and the best way to do that is with today’s discount software promotion, DrivePop Online Backup!

DrivePop Online Backup is the easiest way to make a backup of the files you don't want to risk losing! With DrivePop Online Backup, your data is protected from any local harm, since it lives online, far far away from your house in a secure military-grade data center that itself is protected with redundant drives and security systems. Your cat photos have never been this protected before!

You don’t even have to remember to execute backups with DrivePop Online Backup, since the program runs silently in the background, harvesting and uploading your data automatically. Best of all, when you use DrivePop Online Backup, you’ll be able to access all of your files and folders on your cloud storage using your iPhone, iPad, or Android device!

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-again today.

you will get unlimited backup space to backup all the files you want. Just understand that 'cloud backup' is perfect for doing what you want to do. But the files must be restored 'somewhere' within 30 days after they are deleted from your hard drive. Either to your new laptop, a different external drive, an old hard drive, any other hard disk, etc... This is not the plan if you want long term storage.

But we do offer Cloud Storage plans too which is referred to as our SYNC plan on the site, this would be ideal for long term storage because it's essentially a 'virtual' drive that you can access from anywhere. I just wanted to point that out since this is the #1 question we get about cloud backup.

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