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Have you guys seen the Lost In Translation website? It feeds your text through multiple translation engines to see if you can still make sense of it on the other end. :D There're some examples posted there, but here's one I tried:
Original English Text:
Easy come, easy go.

Translated to Japanese:
(these characters aren't recognized by the forum software, but they were there, honest!)  :mrgreen:

Translated back to English:
Easy you coming, easy it goes.

Translated to Chinese:
????, ?????
(same thing)

Translated back to English:
Easy you to come, to be easy it to go.

Translated to French:
Facile vous à venir, pour être facile il à aller.

Translated back to English:
Easy you to come, to be easy it to go.

Translated to German:
Einfach Sie zum zu kommen, einfach sein es zum zu gehen.

Translated back to English:
To come simply it to to go simply its it to.

Translated to Italian:
Per venire semplicemente esso a da andare semplicemente relativo esso a.

Translated back to English:
In order to come it to going simply relative it simply to.

Translated to Portuguese:
A fim vir ele a ir simplesmente relativo ele simplesmente a.

Translated back to English:
The end to come it to go simply relative it simply it.

Translated to Spanish:
El extremo a venir él a ir simplemente relativo él simplemente él.

Translated back to English:
The end to come he to go simply relative he simply he.
--- End quote ---

Sorta like the game where you whisper something to the person next to you and it goes around the room. 

i should add that to the google translator boomerang page here at dc:

Ha! That's great. ;D  I especially love the first line in the second screenshot on the program's page: "The master clocks of this program have intentional taste of useless." I'll have to try that in my next bug report to a freeware or shareware coder!

I just discovered this site -- it's the mother lode of mashup links:

great find. that site is a keeper.


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