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browse without hands

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I am so tired of manually browsing and I am looking for a way to browse without hands
maybe phonetic? don't know
any suggestions?
it must be accurate and fast

If you're like me, you'll find talking to your computer more tiring than typing with your hands (I don't talk much).

Anyway, Windows since Vista includes built-in voice command program. You might want to try that; just open the Start Menu and search for Windows Speech Recognition. It's probably enough, but I think the best speech recognition/voice command program for Windows I've ever tried is DragonNaturallySpeaking, if you're willing to spend some money.

Another way to browse without using your hands that I can think of is by using your feet, but I doubt it's accurate or fast. :P

Actually there are some foot controllers. I've thought about using one for cap shift, but not for browsing.

Whoa... Now I recall that I've heard about foot controller many years ago, but I thought it was just a concept. Nice share! :Thmbsup:

Perhaps there's an eye tracking peripheral like the fighter pilots use to lock rockets on target?  It should be fast once you learn to control your blinking.  :)


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