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RightNote huge 50% discount sale 16-20th June only


Hi there coders,

We are pleased to let you know that we are running a super 50% discount sale for 5 days only, from the 16th to 20th June for RightNote Professional and Standard versions. During this time, the Std version will cost $14.95 (usually $29.95) and the Pro version will cost only $29.95 (usually $59.95).

Check out the deal here: and

RightNote is a free form information manager that can help you get on top of information overload by:

* storing: phone numbers, contact details, to do lists, recipes, project outline and associated information, web research snippets, entire web pages, bookmarks, source code, accounting information, and more in a single place,
* find any information almost instantly with the integrated full text search engine and highlighting of search results.
* Protect sensitive information with industry standard encryption.
* Sync selected notes with the cloud and access them on your mobile devices via the Evernote integration.
Check out the full details at:

Rael Bauer

I can't find any description of the difference between the Standard and Pro versions of RightNote on the website. Is there a page or document that describes the difference?

It is right there, but can be easily mistaken for their second product "Compare Advance".


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