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Interview with Philip K. Dick


Arizona Hot:

Final interview with Philip K. Dick

There are older interviews with him also on the site.

Thanks for posting.  I've been reading some non-SciFi PKD lately.  :)

I was always amazed by the beginning of Valis where the character Horselover Fats unsuccessfully attempts suicide and winds up in a state mental hospital for half a year because of it.

When he comes out he learns his wife has since divorced him; now has exclusive custody of their children; that he is no longer allowed to have any contact with any them because the courts have decided he poses a "material risk to their safety"; his home has been repossessed because his wife took all their belongings and then abandoned the property - and for the coup de grâce he has received a bill from the state of California for his medical expenses while in their care since he was employed, and had money and medical insurance, at the time of his suicide attempt. (His wife never sent in any of the hospital bills to his insurance - and they would now be outside the grace period allowed for filing a claim - even if he hadn't already lost his insurance because she stopped paying his bills when she filed for divorce.)

He remarks that it's rather ironic that - after losing everything he ever had - and then getting a very large bill on top of it all (with warnings he would face prosecution for failure to pay) - he is now beginning to feel very depressed again. Which was, he notes, exactly what made him attempt suicide in the first place.

PKD! What a writer! :Thmbsup:

PKD fans rejpice!

Radio Free Albemuth is now a motion picture!

Here's the skinny on the movie:

Kickstarter campaign here to get the movie distributed. (It's already made - they're just trying to get it into theaters.)

the trailer:

and a clip:

Looks cool! Come Join the Party hey? ;)

How undisturbed, the sleep of the foolish. ― Philip K. Dick, Radio Free Albemuth
--- End quote ---


Love PKD!


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