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This week's episode of the suicide of Microsoft: Helping gov't exploit your pc

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"On data storage and applications going cloud (Surfulater, Mindjet et al.)
« on: January 13, 2013, 06:35:34 AM »":

first post there, by "helmut85":

4. It goe............      ........ in some European countries, it's now ILLEGAL to encrypt data, and this is then a wonderful world for such secret services: Either they get your data in full, or they even criminalize you or the responsible staff in your corporation. (Edit: France's legislation seems to have been somewhat lightened up instead of being further enforced as they had intended by 2011. Cf )"

-evamaria (July 05, 2013, 07:48 AM)
--- End quote ---

Well, I do live in Europe. In The Netherlands that is.
I have never heard about a ban on encryption.
There has however been a change on this subject indeed, but in a different way.
In case criminals have been caught, they are now obliged to give their passwords on any encrypted data that is theirs.

For as far as companies goes,
I know out of experience that we were effected by the Japanese mother company, that was forced to encrypt by Japanese national law.
Japanese companies now have to encrypt their sensitive data by law.
This to prevent theft and/or abuse of data, and/or resulting liability.

As far as I know, European cloud storage is about the last few privacy save options left on the globe.
Although now Wuala has been taken over by La Cie that might be one down soon .
Altough I must say, I am using Wuala, and it does encrypt by default for each and every user !!
It encrypts before uploading, so no key in the cloud.
But anyway we still have more sites like e.g.

Here you've got an impression on the cloud in the EU:
or here:

Happy (and safe) coding  8)


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