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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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Thanks to Sylv Jenkins of for my third author interview since writing Kyrathaba Rising:

Three author interviews and seven 5-star reviews in eight weeks since publishing:

Suggestion: On the paperback editions, going forward could they possibly have numbered pages?

That's the only (very minor) complaint I've heard from the two people I've so far lent my copy to. Both liked the story and where you seem to be going with it. But they're both like me - we don't use bookmarks - we prefer to make a mental note of the page number that we left off on.


Yeah... an oversight on Book I, having never self-published before. I think I can correct by simply figuring out how to include page numbers centered at the bottom of each page in the A4 pdf I submitted to Createspace.

I spent some time on CreateSpace (and with OpenLibre) and successfully produced a print version of the book with page numbers centered as footer at the bottom of each page. It will take 5-7 days for this to propagate to Amazon.


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