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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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A slight critique on one item of your site:

Please don't automatically assume everyone has a 4k pixel wide display and/or that they always run their browser at full resolution.

It's even worse on a mobile where it obscures a higher percentage of the screen.

See if it's more to your liking now, 4wd. I made it floating, and 110 pixels narrower.

Not really, floating menus that you can't get rid of are one reason to avoid a site AFAIAC.

ie. It obscures content, which is what I visit a site for - if I have to keep scrolling around just to read what's under something that really doesn't need to be there, then I won't go to that site.

Is there really anything wrong with a button at the top and bottom?

I know it's only my view, (and to be honest I don't visit blog sites anyway), but in the end you are trying to promote your book/writing which kind of makes it commercial - and very rarely have I seen any commercial site that willingly obscures what they're trying to sell.

And it's actually bigger now. :)

Ok. Tomorrow I'll replace it with a simple hyperlink

You can have a contact form in the side bar using the same plugin (or move the floating one to top right of the page)


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